Revised Common Lectionary Commentary

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost - November 19, 2017

Introductions for Readers

Saint Dominic contemplating the Scriptures

Saint Dominic
contemplating the Scriptures

Judges 4:1-7

Israel is now under the influence of 12 successive judges, charismatic leaders raised up at times of national crisis by the spirit of God, to deliver God’s people from pagan oppressors. Ehud was a judge and a national hero who put an end to domination by the Moabites.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Paul has just told his readers that, when Christ returns, those who have died and those who are still alive will have equal status: they will be with God for ever. Now he encourages them to be prepared.

Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus continues to tell parables about the kingdom of heaven. In the previous parables, he has told us that we need to be prepared for the Second Coming at all times.

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