Revised Common Lectionary Commentary

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Saint Dominic contemplating the Scriptures

Saint Dominic
contemplating the Scriptures

September 1  Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 25  Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 18  Tenth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 15  Saint Mary the Virgin   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 11  Ninth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 6  The Transfiguration of the Lord   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
August 4  Eighth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
July 28  Seventh Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
July 21  Sixth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
July 14  Fifth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
July 7  Fourth Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 30  Third Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 29  Saint Peter and Saint Paul   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 24  The Birth of John the Baptist   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 23  Second Sunday after Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 16  Trinity Sunday   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 9  The Day of Pentecost   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
June 2  Seventh Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
May 30  The Ascension of our Lord   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
May 26  Sixth Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
May 19  Fifth Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
May 12  Fourth Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
May 5  Third Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 28  Second Sunday of Easter   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 21  Easter Day   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 20  Holy Saturday   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 19  Good Friday   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 18  Maundy Thursday   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 17  Wednesday in Holy Week   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 16  Tuesday in Holy Week   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 15  Monday in Holy Week   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 14  Passion Sunday - Liturgy of the Passion   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 14  Passion Sunday - Liturgy of the Palms   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
April 7  Fifth Sunday in Lent   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 31  Fourth Sunday in Lent   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 25  Annunciation of our Lord   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 24  Third Sunday in Lent   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 17  Second Sunday in Lent   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 10  First Sunday in Lent   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 6  Ash Wednesday   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
March 3  Last Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
February 24  Seventh Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
February 17  Sixth Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
February 10  Fifth Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
February 3  Fourth Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
February 2  The Presentation of our Lord   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 27  Third Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 20  Second Sunday after Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 13  The Baptism of the Lord   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 6  The Epiphany   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 1  The Naming of Jesus   Comments   Introductions   Clippings
January 1  New Year's Day   Comments   Introductions   Clippings

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