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Previous Updates


–  Letters to MPs regarding Residential Schools
A series of boilerplate letters to your MP regarding the situation of our Church and Residential Schools. For easier access, we have provided a direct link to the page. (mg)


–  The Centre for Lay Education
Through the Centre for Lay Education, the diocese offers a wealth of resources to help you improve your knowledge of Christianity and further your ministry. (mg)


–  Resources in French
We have now created an independant section for Resources in French. Right now, it groups a description of the Anglican Church, French Comments, the diocesan Prayer list and links, as well as a sub-section with translation of Communiqués and Letters.
Right now, you will find the boilerplate letters to your MP regarding the situation of our Church and Residential Schools. (mg)

–  Lay Readers’ Section
The Lay Readers’ section presents the last information bulletin and informations on the November 11th Conference. (mg)


–  Update of the "Cookie Engine"
As we say on the welcome screen, a cookie is used to remember your linguistic preferences. We have tried to make it user-friendly. For instance, you may decide to start looking at our site in English, then switch to French when you dig into the Technological Corner, etc. However, the script we used was resetting the cookie each time a menu was loaded, meaning needless warnings for those who disable cookies. The new script is even more user-friendly, because it will reset the cookie only when you switch between languages. By the way, this is strictly a local cookie. I don’t want to see your language selection! (mg)

–  Bilingual What’s New advices
The NetMinder message has not changed. However, once you click on the link, you will see the page in your preferred language. English-speaking readers won’t see any change. (mg)


–  New Search Engine
Thanks to webmasters at Anglicans Online, we now have our diocesan search engine. It uses ht://dig, the search engine of Anglicans Online. (mg)

–  Qu’est-ce que l’Église anglicane ?
In French, the former page has been seriously updated. The English page only lists easily-accessible resources, because there is a large amount of documentation on the subject. (mg)

–  Diocesan Synod 2000: The Emerging Church
Correction on the agenda for the Conference Synods. In Rosemère, dates are now correctly identified as Sept. 13, 27 and Oct. 11. (mg)


–  Diocesan Synod 2000: The Emerging Church
A new section added for the upcoming Diocesan Synod. So far, we have the schedule, venues, motions and workshop descriptions. Look for updates in the next 2 months. (mg)

2000-08-04 (v. 2)

–  Bishop’s Sermon given at the Cathedral on July 25th, 2000, for the Evensong commemorating the 150th anniversary of the consecration of Bp. Francis Fulford. (atp)
Added Crests for the 150th anniversary. (mg)

–  Corrections in the Parish list and in this form. (mg)

–  Sorry for the inconvenience; my little readdressing trick is incompatible with NetMinder (endless looping). So I had to update this page. (mg)


–  Facelift of the diocesan web site (compare with our former home page). It is still very accessible to old browsers, but is optimised for recent ones (version 4 +). Visit the Technological Corner; especially our site map, and this page to know more about the technical data of our updated site.

–  French content has been expanded.

–  Information provided in many sections has been updated. Here are the major changes:

–  complete parish list with addresses, phone numbers, web-site addresses and e-mail addresses;

–  maps to locate churches (under development);

–  easier to read Calendar of Events;

–  upgraded Technological Corner;

–  more links.

Previous Updates

Previous 2000 Updates


Parish Web page for St. Cuthbert, St Hilda and St Luke added (ja)


Parish Web page for Chambly added (ja);
address updated August 1st, 2000 (mg)

Updates 1997 – 1999

27 May, 1999

Parish Web page for St. Mary added (ja)

30 March, 1999

Resources: useful odds and ends (atp)

5 January, 1999

Constitution and Canons of the diocese now on-line (atp)

1 January, 1999

The Bishop's Christmas Sermon now on-line (atp)

28 December, 1998

Old Links from this page to Synod 97 subsite updated to reflect new naming convention (atp)

6 December, 1998

Commentaires bibliques sur les textes du Lectionnaire oecuménique révisé (mg/atp)

15 November, 1998

Parish Web site for St. Matthias added (ja)

1 July, 1998

Assistant Bishop: meet Bishop Russell Hatton (atp)

31 May, 1998

General Synod Journal: One member's impressions (atp)

10 May, 1998

General Synod children's program now on-line (atp)

21 April, 1998

Parish Web site for Trinity Memorial added (ja)

12 March, 1998

Parish Web site for Church of the Advent added (ja)

7 March, 1998

General Synod mail list instructions added (atp)

6 March, 1998

General Synod site now on-line (atp)

22 December, 1997

Youth Web site now on-line (amp)

30 November, 1997

Report from Provincial Synod: Complete with photos from Western Newfoundland (atp)

4 November, 1997

“Therefore choose life”: sermon from Gavin Elbourne on faith and cancer (atp)

31 October, 1997

The Bishop's Action Appeal with the Anglican Appeal (atp)

27 October, 1997

« Qu’est-ce que l’Église anglicane ? », une brève description des caractéristiques de notre Église. (atp)

1 October, 1997

Bishop's Charge to Synod 1997, on-line (atp)

29 September, 1997

Updates to Synod sub-site: Final version of Conference Schedule (atp)

19 September, 1997

Updates to Synod sub-site: (atp)
Conference schedule updated;
Conference workshops updated to reflect new schedule, leaders;
Movers and seconders added to motions and canons;
All motions now bilingual.

1 September, 1997

Updates to Bishop's sub-site: (atp/mg)
Main page now bilingual
Bishop's Message for September now on-line.

19 August, 1997

Updates to Diocesan Synod sub-site: (atp)
Updated Business Agenda; added motions, canonical changes. Most now in French. See the main Synod index page for more details.

5 August, 1997

Updates to Diocesan Synod sub-site: (atp)
Added Invitation to Conference, Conference Schedule, Workshops, Locations, Business Agenda. See the main Synod index page for more details.

31 May, 1997

Bilingualised titles, and added complete translation to 4 pages - atp/mg

27 May, 1997

Added Diocesan Calendar of Events - atp

14 May, 1997

Bug fix in titles - atp

13 May, 1997

Official Diocesan Site goes on-line

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