Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal

Adult Membership

Adult Membership

The Youth Council will have no more then three adult members. These memberships will be any combination of the follow three roles:
Coordinator of Youth Ministries
-Youth Chaplain(s)
Adult Advisor(s)

Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries:

a) is appointed by the Bishop;
b) has a vote on council;
c) is expected to provide a cooperative and enabling model of leadership;
d) is expected to organize an annual leadership training for Youth Council members to be held shortly after Youth Synod;
e) is to provide prompt and effective communication between the Diocesan office and the Youth Council.

Youth Chaplain:

a) is appointed by the Bishop;
b) has a vote on the Youth Council;
c) attendance is expected;
d) role is to represent the Bishop at meetings;
e) is to act as an advisor to the Youth Council;
f) is expected to participate in all Youth Council functions(e.g. meetings, events, fundraisers, and Youth Synod);
g) is to provide spiritual leadership;
h) is to work co-operatively with the Coordinator of Youth Ministries on both internal and external matters of the Youth Council.

Adult Advisor:

a) Is an older adult member chosen and appointed by the Youth Council;
b) Will have a vote on council;
c) Will respect the policy on attendance;
d) Has a term on Council for one year. This term has the possibility of renewal for a maximum of three consecutive years;
e) Participate in all Council functions (e.g. meetings, events, fundraisers, and Youth Synod);
f) Has the role to advise and bring their personal gifts and talents the Youth Council.