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Youth Challenge Programs

Within these pages are various challenges that you could have your youth group involved in. These challenges involve all sorts of aspects and people of our lives that we could get more involved with. These areas are, the church, the community, the environment, the world, the ageing, the impoverished, and racial diversity. By having your group participate in the Youth Challenge we hope that you will be able to acquire a new knowledge of many of the common scenes of our Diocese, province and world.

The purpose of this program is to engage the youth of the diocese in activities of similar nature. By participating in this program one hopes to accomplish many goals. That the youth will:

1) learn more about themselves;
2) learn and acquire a better sense of their community and surroundings;
3) learn how to set and accomplish goals of their own;
4) have a common activity that may allow for further bonding across the diocese.

This program hopes to provide a foundation that groups can adapt and stem from when it comes to their own parish ministries.

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Upon completion, and depending on the level of the task that your group has embarked upon, your group will receive various amounts of points.

LEVEL 1 10 000pts

LEVEL 2 25 000pts

LEVEL 3 50 000pts

The reason for the differentiation in points is because Level 1 challenges are activities that the youth participate in; while Level 3 challenges asks youth to find out more detailed information and get them more involved with the various groups or issues that they are learning about.

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Over the year, points are then accumulated. If your group acquires more than 300 000pts then you and your group will be invited as the Youth Council's guests to join them in the festivities of the Diocesan Youth Day. The Diocesan Youth Day has not yet been decided but some ideas are: water slides, La Ronde, Recreoteque, etc.


Some may think it'll be difficult to acquire 300 000pts but there are other things that your group can do to help you meet your goal. Over the year the Youth Council will be sponsoring various events. There will be sports leagues/tournament, various worship services, workshops, advent/lent study programs, trainings, and other social events.If your group participates in any of these various events your group will receive a determined amount of points. For example, if you parish sends youth delegates to Youth Synod your group will receive 1500 points per delegate. If your church sends the maximum amount of delegates (4) your group will receive an additional 1000pts. Just for going to Youth Synod your group will receive 7000pts.


The official record of your groups points will be accumulated with the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries. Upon registration you will receive your team passport. Once you complete a task you must send sufficient support to show that you completed all the required elements. After it has been received and all the required elements have been accomplished your group will then receive a stamp that you will place under the appropriate task heading.

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These set out tasks are not etched in stone. If your group participates in an activity that you feel meets the required elements then please call the Coordinator of Youth Ministries and anything is negotiable.

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To participate in the Youth Challenge you must register your group with the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries. Please return the following form to:

Youth Challenge
c/o The Coordinator of Youth Ministries
1444 Union
Montreal Quebec
H4A 2B8

or email:

Name of Church:__________________________________________
Church Phone Number:____________________________________
Team Name:______________________________________________
Name of Contact:_________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________
Contact Phone Number:___________________________________

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Youth Challenge Programs