Once a year, usually sometime in March, young people (ages 13-21) from all corners of our diocese gather for our Youth Conference Synod. Youth synod is planned by a committee of young people who devote many hours to the project. Youth Synod falls under the responsibility of the youth council although it is organized by its own subcommittee.

The Logo was officially adopted at Youth Synod 1996. It was designed by Anna Michelle Pitts.

Our Logo

The 'YS' lettering, which stands for Youth Synod, is represented as a pen etching out faith (the cross), and peace (the dove), as the Youth of the Diocese write motions and resolutions while gathered at Synod. However, these are not meaningless words or empty sentences, but reach off the page, into life, as a new page in the book of life is about to be opened...

Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal


Our Logo

The Logo of the Youth Synod