A. Procceedings of Synod- the business portion of Synod, which includes:

i) An open Forum- a free discussion time to let the delegates discuss issues important to them (i.e. needs, concerns, events), without the constraints of formal debate on motions.

ii) Motions, which would lead to action, as well as reporting to the wider church and/or community.

iii) Elections, for positions on the Youth Council and for delegations to Diocesan Synod and nominations for Provincial and Diocesan Synods (when applicable).

B. Spiritual Education / Worship

There will be a chaplain, worship and workshops and quiet times based on a central theme.


C. Interaction and Reporting on happenings in the Diocese:

i) Deanery presentations, prepared presentations on what has been happening in the different deaneries (relevant to youth)

ii) Reports from Diocesan, Provincial and General Synods (when applicable)

iii) Other Reports of interest to the youth of the Diocese.

D. Activities
Games and other activities which encourage fellowship.


Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal

Youth Synod

Youth Synod Mandate