Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal

Youth Council

Youth Council Membership

a) the Youth Council shall be made up of 10 youth members, between the ages of 14-21 (at the beginning of their term);

b) members will be elected at Youth Synod;

c) candidates should be delegates to Youth Synod;

d) to be eligible to be a candidate for election the delegate should have attended one previous year’s Youth Synod;

e) when elected, members should try to be available to serve a term of three years;

f) members may serve no more then two consecutive terms;

g) members will also consist of the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries, and Youth Chaplain(s) (who are appointed by the Bishop); and Adult Advisor or any combination there of;

h) If membership decreases exhausting alternative delegate resources, the Youth Council may approach delegates of the previous Youth Synod to fulfill mandated numbers;

i) Replacement members will fulfill the remainder of the previously elected member;

j) The Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries and Youth Chaplain(s) jointly have the right to appoint one member each to the Youth Council. The appointment shall last until next annual Youth Synod. Consultatoin with the Youth Council Executive is expected.