Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal

Youth Council

Youth Council Roles


The executive of the Youth Council shall consist of a chair, secretary, and financial secretary. To be part of the executive, the member must have already served on the Youth Council for two years. Members who are over the age of twenty and serving their only term, may participate on the executie after one year.

The Chair shall:
a) prepare an agenda and chair the Youth Council meetings;
b) be the contact person for the Youth Council;
c) remindthe Youth Council members to carry out their responsibilities;
d) be the advisor to the chair of the Youth Synod Planning Committee;
e) commit 3 months to the Youth Council after their term, to allow for a transition period;
f) work closely with the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries and the Youth Chaplain(s) on all issues relating to Youth Ministries;

g) be contact person of the Resources for Ministries Standing Committee

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The Secretary Shall:
a) take all minutes at the Youth Council meetings (Copies need to be sent to the members, Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries, Youth Chaplains, and the secretary to the Program Assistant.) Minutes should be sent two weeks after the meeting;
b) be responsible for all internal and external correspondences;
c) compile all the address and phone numbers of the Executive, Members, Parish Youth Leaders and Youth Synod Delegates in respective mailing lists. Distribute that mailing list and update it whenever it warrants;
d) Keep a file of all correspondence in and out and be prepared to let Council see any letters on request;
e) submit letters to the Council for screening and refinement in the case of more “serious” letters.

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The Financial Secretary shall:

a) prepare a budget for the Youth Council (The budget must be presented to the Resources for Ministries Standing Committee.);
b) submit the budget to the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries;
c) be aware of and informed of all financial exchanges of the Youth Council and the Youth Synod Planning Committee;
d) prepare a financial report for proceeding Youth Council meeting;
e) countersign with the Chair and the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries for monies pertaining to Youth Ministries.

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Other Members

Remaining members of the Youth Council are responsible for:

a) tasks and duties that will arise throughout the year;
b) overseeing the activities of the Youth Council sub-committees;
c) are expected to spend the same amount of time outside Council meetings on matters pertaining to the Council (up to one hour per week);
d) attend Youth Synod as a voting delegate (without having to be a parish delegate).

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a) Members are encouraged to attend all meetings;
b) if they cannot, then they must call the secretary with their regrets;
c) if a member is absent from two consecutive meetings(without regrets being given) then they will be asked, by the Chair, to reconsider they attendance on the Council;
d) by being absent a third meeting, the member may be asked to step down from the Council.


In order for a vote to be taken, at least seven members must be present. Furthermore, at any meeting only 40% of the votes may be adult votes. Any vote carried by a majority of one must be ratified at the next meeting.

Funding Requests

All funding requests, must be approved by the Council: according to the budget specifications.
All funding requests must be co-signed by the Chair, Financial Secretary and the Co-ordinator of Youth Ministries.

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