The Parish of Brome


Bienvenue Des Communautes Chretiennes
de la Paroisse de Brome!

The Churches of the Parish of Brome
Welcome You!


The Parish of Brome consists of four congregations in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. St. John the Evangelist in Brome, St. Aidan in Sutton Junction, Church of the Ascension in West Brome, and Holy Trinity in Iron Hill.

We are members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in the Anglican tradition. Our history starts with Jesus Christ through the Apostles and the Early Church. Our tradition was formed when early Christians reached the British Isles in the 2nd century AD during the Roman occupation. When the Romans left, the pagan Anglo-Saxons tried to destroy it. Many Christians went into Wales, Cornwall and Ireland. In the sixth century, missionaries like Columba, Hilda and Aidan of the Celtic tradition brought back Christianity to northern England, and Augustine of the Roman tradition to the South. In 664 at the Synod of Whitby, the Church in England decided to follow the Roman Catholic tradition. From that time the influence of the Roman Catholic tradition, under the authority of the Pope, Bishop of Rome, increased.

In the 16th century, because of the desire to worship and to read the bible in our native language, abuse in the Church, and political expediency, we protested. We consider ourselves both Catholic and Prostestant with an unbroken line of apostolic bishops to the early Church.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, great missionaries spread the Christian faith throughout the world. We arrived in Canada in the 16th century. The Anglican Communion now has more than 80,000,000 members of many different coloured skins, cultures, and languages.

The Parish of Brome is part of the Diocese of Montreal, in the Deanery of Brome Shefford and was formed in 1959. We belong to a tradition which enjoys riches from the past and is changing to meet the challenges of the present and the future.

We use the Book of Common Prayer in public worship. Our purpose is contained in this mission statement of the Diocese of Montreal. "We are called as members of the Body of Christ to affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ by the ongoing worship of God and by working together in unity and thanksgiving with our diversity of gifts, traditions, cultures and languages, encouraging and equipping one another to:

1) Live and share the good news at home and abroad;
2) Work for reconciliation, healing and renewal;
3) Transform unjust structures in the Church and society;
4) Safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth"

If you have no church to call home, please join us. Your unique contribution to the cause of God's rule of love, peace, righteousness and justice and the reconciliation of all things to God through Jesus Christ will be welcome.

"May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you."

"Le grâce de Jésus notre Seigneur, l'amour du Dieu, le Père, et la communion de l'Esprit Saint soient toujours avec vous."

The Rev. John Serjeantson
Box 17
Brome, Quebec

phone: 450-243-6096

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