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The 1549 Eucharist

On June 13, 1999, we will mark the 450th anniversary of the first Book of Common Prayer. In order to commemmorate this occasion, the Bishop of Montreal has authorized the use of the eucharistic liturgy from the 1549 BCP.

The Liturgy

The text of the 1549 eucharist has been prepared for printing in bulletin form in two versions. The Word Perfect version may be printed directly on a laser printer. Choosing the option "Booklet Printing" will result in the correct arrangement of pages for easy photocopying. Microsoft Word does not have this option, so the MS-Word version of the text will have to be physically cut and pasted and arranged for photocopying as a booklet. If you do not have a laser printer, the Word version may also work better. Try both.

To download:

  1. Click here to obtain the WordPerfect version.
  2. Click here to obtain the Word version.

If you have neither MS-Word nor WordPerfect, you may choose the Word version and use the Word Reader to print it. See the page on file viewers for the Word Reader.


This version has been prepared with a few things omitted in order to keep it manageable.

  1. The rubrics at the beginning and end of the liturgy have been omitted.
  2. The Exhortation has been omitted.
  3. Only one Offertory sentence has been chosen.
  4. The Proper Prefaces have been omitted.
  5. Only one Post-Communion sentence has been chosen.

We have endeavoured to retain original spelling.

To arrange the pages for copying using the Word file:

  1. Page 8 on the left goes with Page 1 on the right
  2. On the back of the same sheet: Page 2 on the left goes with Page 7 on the right
  3. Page 6 on the left goes with Page 3 on the right
  4. On the back of the same sheet: Page 4 on the left goes with Page 5 on the right


Other 1549 Resources:

The whole 1549 BCP is also available. Or you can go directly to the full text of the Eucharist.

There is also a synoptic comparison of the 1549 and 1552 eucharistic rites.

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