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This section loosely regroups various types of information.

What is the Anglican Church? [fr]

What is the Anglican Church? groups a series of links that summarise our creeds, our beliefs, and the workings of the Church. These texts have been written for the newcomer or the inquiring mind who wonders what really makes us Anglicans.

Comments on the Revised Ecumenical Lectionary

The Comments on the Revised Common Lectionary are prepared weekly and present a brief study of the weekly readings. They appear online about two weeks ahead, so they are best read before the Sunday mass. They also are available by e-mail.

Questions and Reflections

This is the right place to read information on various subjects. Amongst other things, you will find Instructed Eucharists, a play, a few reflections as well as a text explaining what is the Anglican Church. This page explains what’s available.

Lists and Links

In this section, you will find a few basic references as well as some discussion lists you may subscribe to. We do not offer you an exhaustive listing of links, but rather point you towards good pages that themselves offer a wealth of resources.

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