Youth Council of the Diocese of Montreal

Youth Synod

Youth Synod Roles

The Youth Synod Planning Committee is responsible for the organizing of Youth Synod. Although each task is described in great detail, all decisions will be made at the committee meetings (ie workshops leaders, speakers, ideas for worship, schedule, etc)

The executive of the Youth Synod Planning Committee (Y.S.P.C.) shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar.

The Chair shall:
a) be an ex-officio member of the Youth Council, sending an alternate as a replacement if necessary,
b) report to the Youth Council on committee progress;
c) chair a monthly planning meeting in the beginning of the year;
d) assure that the other committee members are fulfilling their duties;
e) be responsible for inviting the Bishop to Youth Synod (He needs to be contacted in September-:6 to 8 months before Youth Synod);
f) set up initial contact with the prospective chaplain, workshop leaders, adult advisors and location contacts
g) chair the proceedings of synod at Youth Synod (Chair of the Youth Council shall Co-Chair).

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The Secretary shall:
a) take minutes at the YSPC meetings and send them to all members of the Youth Council as well as the Coordinator of Youth Ministries and Program Assistant;
b) be responsible for contacting YSPC members;
c) cooperate with the Proceedings of Synod subcommittee to assure that the minutes are taken at Youth Synod and sent to all delegates;
d) prepare evaluation forms for Youth Synod;
e) render a written report to the Youth Council based on the summary (compiled by the committee) of the returned evaluation forms;
f) fully cooperate and support the Chair

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The Treasurer shall:
a) prepare a budget for the committee;
b) audit all bills, and keep good records (including dates of incomes and expenditures);
c) work closely with the registrar (income) and food committee(expenditures);
d) be responsible for location rental costs and honorariums;
e) on a monthly basis report to the Youth Council on the incomes and expenditures;
f) make fund requests and arrangements with the Youth Council treasurer;
g) deposit all income (registration fees) to the Synod Offices

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The Registrar shall:
a) have initial registration letters sent out with the Diocesan Vestry mailing;
b) send invitations to guests from other denominations and Dioceses (by Nov. 1st);
c) give income received (registration fees) to the treasurer;
d) send response letters to the delegates (including time, place, duration, the theme and a kit list);
e) be responsible for on site registrations (ie arrivals, greetings, name tags);
f) at the end of Youth Synod, compile a contact list to be mailed out with the minutes of Youth Synod to all delegates

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