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In this section, you will find various documents that will help you know the Anglican Church and its liturgy, as well as understand the meaning of Christianity in daily life. These resources represent the efforts of various clergy and laity of the Diocese of Montreal. We are pleased to share these pages in the hope that they will prove useful for the building up of the Church. All texts remain the copyrighted property of the original authors, but are placed here with permission to use them while retaining all rights.

These documents are available only in English. However, we invite you to visit our section of Resources in French for a different series of resources.

Liturgical Resources

The Instructed Eucharist (1962 RITE)

An Instructed Eucharist prepared by the Revd Brett Cane of St George’s Church walks the congregation through the service. The text was prepared for use with a service based on the rite in the Book of Common Prayer (1962). In this version we present the instructional text with rubrics indicating the various parts of the service.

Instructed Eucharist for Children (MODERN RITE)

A Children’s Instructed Eucharist prepared by the Venerable Peter Hannen, Diocesan Liturgical Officer, follows the liturgy of the Book of Alternative Services.

The 1549 Eucharist

The text of the 1549 Eucharist has been prepared for use in commemorating the 450th Anniversary of the 1549 Book of Common Prayer. Ready for downloading and printing as a booklet.

Other Resources

On Caesar’s Orders (A PLAY BY KEITH WILLIS)

On Caesar’s Orders is a play written by Keith Willis, a New Zealand dairy farmer. We are pleased to present this play with the author’s permission. Depicting a coroner’s inquest into the death of Jesus, the play has been presented several times in New Zealand and is now made available for production elsewhere. The webmaster suggests that it would be a fine play for youth groups, or adult actors, perhaps best presented in the days before Pentecost.

Therefore Choose Life (A SERMON BY GAVIN ELBOURNE)

Therefore Choose Life is a sermon pronounced by the late Gavin Elbourne, lay reader at the Cathedral, when he was terminally ill from cancer.


The Proulx Report on Religion in Schools, Laïcité et religions : perspective nouvelle pour l’école québécoise, is available in many versions, including these: complete text in HTML (for on-line reading), complete text in PDF (for off-line reading and/or printing), and abrigied version in HTML. See "Adobe Acrobat" in the Technological Corner if you aren't sure about how to use a document in PDF format. These files come from the Quebec government web site and will appear in a new window.

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