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Day Camp (Schedule 2005)
running children


Traveling team members spend 4 of their 6 weeks on a team of 2 to 4 people, visiting various parishes across

Canada, leading Day Camps for Children between the ages of 4 and 12. In each parish the team works with the Clergy, Coordinator and parish team to run the Day Camp. The Traveling team acts as leaders for both the children and parish. Before these 4 weeks, 2 weeks are spent in training. The 6 weeks of Day Camps fly by, filled with fun, travel, fellowship and best of all a sense of having accomplished amazing things for God! Many spaces are still available in our diocese. Contact ; for information

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(Schedule 2005)

Team #
Parish Training
(June 25-July 03)
Res. Training
(July 03 - July 09)
Week 1
(July 9 - July 17)
Week 2
(July 17 - July 24)
Week 3
(July 24 - July 31)
Week 4
(July 31 - August 7)
Team 1:
Montreal Diocese


Isaiah 40 Foundation

All Saints

St. Joseph's,

Team 2:
Montreal Diocese

St. Matthew's

Isiah 40 Foundation

Promis Church

Stanbridge East

St. James

Christ Church
Long Sault
Team 3:
Toronto Region

St. Barnabas

Isiah 40 Foundation

Trinity Church

Church of the Resurrection

Port Hope

Team 4:
Toronto Region

Isiah 40 Foundation

Trinity Baptist, Winnipeg



St. Aidan's,

Team 5:
Toronto #2?

Isiah 40 Foundation

Trinity Church, Sarnia


Team 6:

Isiah 40 Foundation

Cambridge and Waterborough
Derby and Blackville

St-Thomas Church
St-John's, NFLD

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music notes

Christian Creative Arts Camp *** Camp Chrétien des Beaux-Arts

~ Music ~ Visual Arts ~ Dance ~ Theatre ~ Creative Writing ~

~ Swimming ~ Outings ~ Games ~ Bible ~

~ Musique ~ Arts visuels ~ Danse ~ Théâtre ~ Composition ~

~ Natation ~ Sorties ~ Jeux ~ Bible ~

Dates:-Session1- July 4 to July 22 / du 4 juillet au 22 juillet

Session2-July25-August12 / 25juillet-12aout

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm* | lundi a vendredi, 9h00 a 16 h30*

* extended care available | * heures prolongées disponible

8:00am-9:00am & 4:30pm-5:30pm | 8h00-9h00 et 16h30-17h30 .

Église Madison Baptist Church (6297 Monkland & Madison)

Children 5 to 12 years / les enfants de 5 a 12 ans

Small groups & excellent staff / petits groups & moniteurs(trices) excellent(e)s

Cost / frais :*225$ (before May 31 / avant le 31 mai) , *270$ (after June 1 / apres le 1 juin)

( per session / par session )

* Bursaries available / Bourses disponibles

Deposit of 50$ for registration / dépôt de 50$ pour l’inscription

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The program encompasses missions and much more. Peanuts will be taught about customs and people of other lands. Missionaries To America from countries around the world will share about their country while in national   costume. Peanuts will learn about God's love for every person in the world and how they can share that love with others. For daily  devotions Peanuts will draw a verse from the scripture Peanut Bowl for their 15 minute private devotions. The team will discuss what their particular scripture  means to them, or find out what it means to others. Peanuts have their own evening rallies in the Peanut Big Top Tent, with  singing, cheers, the Missionaries to America, and missionary   speakers who have traveled all aver the world. Peanuts stay two or three in a tent next to the tent of a leader or their mom or dad. They will be close to the bathrooms and the Peanut Big Top Tent meeting area. The teams will visit the swimming pool every day.-- What Age?
7,8,9 year old. Moms and Dads are welcome, but the majority of Peanuts come by themselves. Peanuts cannot turn 10 before or during the program .
Contact :

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Do you like gifts? Come to Junior Camp and find out about the present that God gives us when we believe in Jesus.” (quote from speaker Rae Bickford).

This year Junior Camp is August 14-20. It is held at Cedar Lodge, past Magog. Registration deadline is Aug 10th. Bursaries are available in case of financial need.

Questions? Email:, go to or call 514-484-1414 for

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bear at campfire

Junior camps & Senior camps

These are only some of the camps available to you and your kids this summer.

  • They are Christian camps where your children will continue to be exposed to Christian morals and values while they enjoy their time away.
  • Camp is a valuable experience for many kids. They experience an extended time away from their parents in a safe environment.
  • In a Christian camp they get reinforcement of the teachings which they have at home and at church from people they don't normally encounter. This experience can solidify the Christian experience for them in a way that continuation in the same venue sometimes does not.
  • For those whose finances are limited, often bursaries are available, or perhaps your parish could consider providing a bursary for one of the camps.
  • Camp is not for every child, but in our family, 2 out of 3 benefited very much, and their memories are precious to them.[MS]

For more information, contact the camps:

Parkside Ranch Music Camp
Presently only just the phone number is available. Tel. (819) 868-0431

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CEDAR LODGE - Crosstalk Junion Camp, Magog, QC

"If you are willing to travel with me, and stay with me, you will receive all that I receive" promised Christian as he talked to his friends before leaving on his journey to the CELESTIAL CITY. --Who IS Christian? What is the CELESTIAL CITY? How does anyone get there?-- These are all questions that will be answered as campers and staff at Crosstalk Ministries Junior Residential Camp meet together at Cedar Lodge during the week of August 11th to 17th, 2002 to map Christian's trip and share in some of his adventures. There will be the usual team of fun people who are already planning lots of adventure for everyone to have fun. If you were there last year, you will remember some faces and if you are new, why not come on the adventure. See you August 11th, around 2:00pm to start a week of adventure you will not forget!
We have staff positions available as well. For more information, please call Crosstalk Ministries at (514) 484-1414 or Pat Dearling at (514) 683-3369 or (514) 696-6430 or e-mail:
Hope to see you at Camp!

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Quebec Lodge
Tel.: (888) 873-3130
Tel.: (819) 842-2286
Fax: (819) 842-4194

A Great Place To Be This Summer!

Quebec Lodge Camp is located in the Eastern Townships on Lake Massawippi. The camp

was founded in 1943 and is owned and operated by the Anglican Diocese of Quebec. The

camp welcomes children of all church affiliations.
This year the schedule for Quebec Lodge has been changed.
Quebec Lodge has a Bursary Fund to assist families who can not afford the regular camp fees

Pioneer Camps

For the first time this summer Quebec Lodge is offering Pioneer Camps for ages 9-11. The Pioneer Camps have traditionally been offered just for those age 12-15 and have been very popular. Held on a small site near to Quebec Lodge these sessions include an emphasis on hiking and outdoor living. Campers take it in turn preparing the meals. Each session is limited to just 20 campers. Quebec Lodge also has a variety of sessions for those age 12-15.

Junior Camps:

First Junior will be July 3 to 9;

Second Junior will be July 24 to 30. Both Junior sessions are for ages 6-11.

A typical day includes Chapel and sports in the morning (Basketball, archery, volleyball and crafts). In the afternoon we go to the beach for swimming and canoeing. In the late afternoon we do Interest Groups: writing home, friendship bracelets, nature study. After supper there will be a special event such as a wide game, carnival or talent show. The day normally ends with a Camp Fire

Senior Camp:

First Senior will be from July 10 to 23. This session is for ages 10-13.

For the first time this year we are accepting registrations for one week if campers are not able to attend both weeks. Those attending the first week can sign up for some special daily activities including a horseback trail ride, climbing wall, an introduction to snorkeling and a river canoe trip.

Those attending the second week will have a variety of instructional options to choose from including: a horseback riding course, woodworking, crafts, sailing, watercraft, and survival skills. There is also an option called 'Brainercize' which includes a variety of games such as chess and backgammon along with various menza puzzles. All these options include four sessions. The special activities and options are in addition to the regular activities of sports, crafts, chapel, Bible Study, swimming and boating.

For all programs:

All the programs at Quebec Lodge include a daily Bible Study and Chapel. The Bible

Studies normally take place after lunch and last between ten and fifteen minutes. Chapel

lasts between forty-five minutes and one hour. It is recognized that many of the campers

do not attend church regularly and come from various backgrounds, consequently chapel

times are ecumenical and include lots of action songs and drama.

More information can be found at

For registration forms contact the office


or by calling 819/842-2286
Quebec Lodge has a Bursary Fund to assist families who can not afford the regular camp fees

soccer player

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tent and treesTel. (819) 844-2277
Fax: (819) 844-0174

Counsellors needed for summer program: Contact Lance Howie at (819) 844-2277.


Summer camp for 7, 8, and 9 year olds, and Moms and Dads can come along too. A somewhat expensive camp and based in the United States. However, there is a Canadian address for information, and activities in Canada too.
Teen Mission in Canada, Inc.
P.O. Box 128, Station A
Windsor, ON N9A 6K1
Tel.: (519) 966-7108

Check out their website, it's amazing!

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peace, love, doves LIGHT AND PEACE:

After discussions with Gretchen Pritchard, Children's Missioner at St. Paul & St. James, New Haven, Connecticut, KIDSTUFF is hoping to find a Church or Mission in our Diocese which might be interested in acting as a Pilot Parish to try out the Light and Peace program here in Montreal.

The concept of this weekday evening supper and crafts outreach program which has proven to be a real blessing in New Haven sounds as if it might be transferrable to our urban centre or perhaps to one of the larger towns in the Laurentians or Eastern Townships.

If you would like to consider participating and are seriously interested in exploring the project in greater detail, please contact Valerie Taylor

KIDSTUFF will be sending out information packages in April or May to a cross-section of parishes and ministries but we certainly do not want to overlook anyone else who might wish to be involved.

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What Kidstuff is about:



Kidstuff Calendar

Eight Great Ideas
Daycamp Schedule Internet Resources
Summer Camp Games for the computer
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Anglican Diocese of Montreal Recent activities The Newsletter (to download)
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