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Wishing YOU a Warm WELCOME!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a
New Year!

The Feast of the Epiphany which brings in the New Year is truly a new beginning. The word epiphany means revelation, or showing forth, of a divine truth. What better time, after enjoying the familiar Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, to take that experience and be God's hands and feet to show Jesus to the world. In this context we are concerned to find motivating and fun ways to do that with our Sunday School children.

In this issue we will also mention showing God to our families, so that our children grow up knowing that our relationship with God is a meaningful part of our lives. Other ways we try to reveal God is by helping others in our communities and workplaces. For some of you it was your sharing with others the way you celebrate Christmas in your homes and churches.

Even the teens need to hear us talk about Jesus, our Friend and Saviour. Could you consider helping the young people in your church get there?

The 1999 Bishop's Lenten Project has already been confirmed. You are invited to an information evening on Feb. 4th. The project package will be available and we encourage you to participate.

You will recall that Diocesan Council last Spring initiated changes to all Diocesan committees. KIDSTUFF The Committee for Children’s Ministry is now officially our new title, but the structure has changed considerably.

Enjoy the winter - go out with the kids!


Kidstuff is a publication of the "Children's Unit", a part of the Anglican Church that "encourages, supports and provides resources for - children; their parents; and those working with them; and to raise the awareness of the Diocese, to the ministry and needs of Children."

This is achieved through events, collecting of information, advocating for children and their needs, newsletters and resource packs.

We must bear in mind Jesus' teaching on children contained in passages like Mark - 9:36,37 or 10:13-16

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