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Who are we?

The Comfy Cozy Fund was conceived by a six year old boy, Jake, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2003. He is still undergoing treatment and has frequented the Hospital hundreds of times. During his many hospital stays and visits, he has remarked that many of the children lacked even the most basic comforts of home to make their stays more bearable. He decided that he wanted to help make the hospital a more Comfy and Cozy environment for kids like him, who undergo chemotherapy.

What is our objective?

Our fund strives to help provide children with a much-needed positive attitude towards their treatment. Research has proven that patients respond better when their morale is strong. Children on the oncology ward undergo arduous treatments and are sometimes not allowed to leave their rooms for days at a time. In many cases, their parents are not able to remain with them around the clock due to other responsibilities.

We want every child to look forward to their hospital stay. We want each room to have a cable T.V., a telephone, a Game Boy, books, a fresh pair of slippers, a toothbrush, board games, art supplies, … etc. We want the children to look back at their treatments with a smile. We want them to be as comfortable as possible. We are working with parents and hospital staff to compile a wish list that would add an extra level of comfort to these children’s lives.

Natalie K Shtern and Jake Shtern, Cameron & Janet Blunt

The Comfy Cozy Fund Co-chairs

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