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Anglican Diocese of Montréal
Commitee for Children's Ministry

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NEWSLETTER) Issue Here !
Pentecost 2005 is available in colour

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Bishop's Lenten Project

The 2004 Bishop's Lenten Project is to help the Comfy Cozy Fund. This new fund will benefit the children in the Montreal Children's Hospital Oncology/Haematology Ward

Here you may find some activity suggestions for the Bishop's Lenten Project

Kidstuff Workshops
Kidstuff is planning a Spring Workshop series for those involved in Children's Ministry. All three workshops will be held from 10a.m. to 2 p.m @ Fulford Hall ,Cathderal Place, 1444 Union Ave. on Saturdays , April 9th,16th and 23rd. On the 9th we will be meeting with a Rep. from David C. Cook Currriculum to here about their current programs . On April 16th a Team of Worship Leaders will be offering a workshop on Music Ministry for Children, and on April 23rd Gretchen Pritchard, Children's Missioner ,from New Haven Connecticut will be with us to talk about "Light and Peace' an innovative after-school program .

Applications may be downloaded here
as an Acrobat file

Resource Centre

3 Books
Following the relocation of the contents of the Diocesan Resource Centre (now housed at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College), it was decided to remove the KIDSTUFF materials and to distribute them regionally.
The resources have been divided into 5 lots and will be housed in the home churches of our Regional Reps. A list is available from your Rep.
More information here.

Kidstuff is a publication of the "Committee for Children's Ministry", a part of the Anglican Church that "encourages, supports and provides resources for - children; their parents; and those working with them; and to raise the awareness of the Diocese, to the ministry and needs of Children."

This is achieved through events, collecting of information, advocating for children and their needs, newsletters and resource packs.

We must bear in mind Jesus' teaching on children contained in passages like Mark - 9:36,37 or 10:13-16

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